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congratulations to our finalists!!!

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Image of Gianna Baker

Gianna Baker

Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance

Chicago, Illinois

Initials for John Bartlett

John Bartlett

Metropolitan Tenants Organization

Chicago, Illinois

Image of Kwasi Frye

Kwasi Frye


Washington, D.C.

Image of John Green

John Green

Blackstar Stability Investment Management LLC

Camden, Delaware

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Image of Bree Jones

Bree Jones

Parity Baltimore Incorporated

Baltimore, Maryland

Image of Tamara Knox

Tamara Knox

Frolic Community LLC

Seattle, Washington

Ericka Kelly

Greater Milwaukee Committee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Image of Zach Murray

Zach Murray

The Guild

Atlanta, Georgia

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Image of Carlos Robles-Shanahan

Carlos Robles-Shanahan

Duo Development

Chicago, Illinois

Image of Evelyn Zwiebach

Evelyn Zwiebach

Enterprise Community Partners

Detroit, Michigan

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Homeownership lies at the heart of the American Dream, representing success, opportunity, and wealth.

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