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Santhosh Ramdoss

Gary Community Ventures

Denver, Colorado

The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth


Dearfield Fund provides up to $40,000 in downpayment support in the form of shared equity to help Black families buy their first home, helping to grow and preserve their wealth through homeownership.


The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth aims to accelerate homeownership among Black families in the Denver metro area through an innovative down-payment assistance product, structured in the form of shared equity. The Fund is currently providing up to $40,000 in down-payment support to Black homebuyers looking to buy their first home and plans to use it as their primary residence. In return, the homeowner repays the Fund the down-payment amount as a lump sum when they sell or refinance their home alongside a small share (maximum of 5%) of the appreciation, while keeping the majority of the wealth generated through appreciation in their home’s value.

Through the Dearfield Fund, we hope to support at least 500 Black families in the Denver metro area to buy their first homes resulting in $50Mn in cumulative wealth creation within Black neighborhoods in the city. Part of the Fund’s strategy is to provide holistic wrap-around services to Black homeowners. This includes both pre-purchase support in navigating both the process of securing a mortgage and making a successful offer on a home. More importantly, the Fund also will work closely with clients post-purchase, helping them navigate their journey as first-time homeowners.

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