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featured innovator

Ellen Sahli

Family Housing Fund

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Building Equity: New Mortgage Product to Support Homeowner Success and Investment into Homes


The Family Housing Fund works to expand access to capital for Black homeowners to invest in their homes by working with private lenders to pilot an innovative mortgage product and embed within their business practices.


Family Housing Fund (FHFund) and our partners will expand access to capital for Black homeowners by developing and piloting a new mortgage product with a built-in savings escrow on the private market. Homeowners will be able to withdraw from this escrow to help make mortgage, utility, insurance, or property tax payments if needed, or to make repairs or improvements to their home. This mortgage product will create a new pool of resources to help homeowners weather financial emergencies or invest in home improvements.

With a mortgage product that ensures access to cash savings, homeowners will be well-equipped to invest in maintenance or improvements, ensuring that repair needs compounded with appraisal bias do not further devalue homes in Black communities. Importantly, homeowners will be well-equipped to preserve and grow the value of their homes, thereby creating future stability and greater wealth building opportunities for their families and communities.

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