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Charu Singh

Humane Works LLC

New York, New York

Just Value AVM


The Just Value AVM is a social-equity focused automated valuation methodology (AVM) that will identify the impact of racial bias in home appraisals inherent in the sales comparison appraisal approach.


The core innovation of the Just Value AVM (JV AVM) is two-fold. First, to provide greater parity in residential valuation by diversifying the data upon which appraisals are based to ensure the intrinsic characteristics of homes are objectively valued.

Second, to galvanize community-scale action in Black communities that assists homeowners in realizing the Recovered Value in their homes through several avenues. JV AVM will model an approach for appraisers and lenders to adjust their methods in order to reduce racial bias in their valuation methodology and integrate greater accountability into the process. JV AVM will also empower homeowners with data to challenge unfair valuations and motivate community groups and local government agencies to work directly with Black communities to assess the Recovered Value for each home in a selected community. In addition, JV AVM will partner with lenders, investors, and NGO’s to offer relevant financial instruments and partner with local construction trade associations and unions to establish a preset menu of commonly required improvements to ease the challenge of home repairs.

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