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Building Power for Black Homes in Miami Dade County


SMASH is using the community land trust model (CLT) to build the valuation of Black neighborhoods, and creating the structural change necessary for any Black resident to create their own CLT.


SMASH creates structural change by building Black financial power and the valuation of Black neighborhoods through the several Power Building Ecosystem strategies including Tenant Organizing, House of Justice, Housing Tech, and Community Land Trusts. Through Tenant Organizing, trainings, leadership development and popular education are all conducted with Black residents affected by the devaluation of Black owned homes, gentrification, and disinvesting landlords. The House of Justice works with residents in human rights training. SMASH uses housing tech to reduce costs and make housing more affordable to renters. With Community Land Trusts, residents are provided with technical assistance to plan, design, develop and own their neighborhoods. Equipping the community with the tools and resources necessary to make Community Land Trust development easier by leveraging the collective power of a unified movement of organizers is real structural change.

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